Thursday, August 21, 2008

Officially Un-Official

My new site is going to be

Keep an eye out for it in the next coming month. As of right now, it is a Hodge Podge of Holly madness and endless nights of running my hamster wheel. I will have something grande and Woo Woo coming up in the end of September before Project Ethos.

So until then keep busy and make sure you have your pom poms ready for the launch party that is going to take place in cyber space near you.

Piece out,

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gallery Showing


I am going to be a participant in a show September 26th! I am so excited. It is going to feature my wedding/love images.

Here is a link! Check it !


Zach is an amazing 7 month old baby. He looks at the camera, he smiles, he drools and he is adorable. I couldn't help but take a photo with this little one. And Zach has a cute furry family too that had their noses in some interesting places.

Here are some of the photos. I couldn't resist giving him a little woo woo.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top Top Today!

Please with Ice Cream and Wedding Cake on top!!

Vote for me I am at the top!
Vote for me... I am the cute one

Love love love!!

My assistant Vanessa, oh how I love her.

She is the one that helps me shoot the wedding, fluff the dress, and make the babies smile.

In addition, she is the one capturing me doing the funky chicken, eating treats, and oggling the wedding cake. On the wedding we shot together at Ayres Hotel in Manhattan Beach she handed the DJ her camera and he captured this moment.

Just Can't Get Enough..

Who knew that Depeche Mode could be so sentimental? Well, I love weddings, photography and everything that has to do with cuteness.

Tomorrow I am flying out to Colorado Springs to complete the circle of life for a happy couple. (Well not the complete circle.)

Colorado Springs Wedding

I am going to shoot a their 6 month old baby! Yes, I did engagement, wedding and now baby and family photos. I am so excited. I can't wait to see if the baby has daddy's eyes and mommy's lips. :)

I really just wanted to share that I just can't get enough of this lovey dovey photography stuff. It is the perfect career choice for a love happy girl like me.
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Our Wedding