Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet Bekah (she is a cutie, huh?)

This is Bekah and mommy before....

And Bekah and mommy now... :)

These photos are from our 6 weeks photo session... Aww

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holy Cow Vote-Man!


I can't believe it ... I got in the top 4 of the voting for the 2009 WPD Annual Wedding Photography Contest!!

Yipppeee. Well, don't get too excited, it is accumulative voting, and I know this was the first time that I noticed I made it to the top! The contest is on going, so click the link and make this happen!

What an honor! I am truly a happy girl!

Lots of Love and Kisses,


Absolutely the best part of life is the moments we have. I had a moment of a lifetime last night with my wedding photography and life inspiration Joe Buissink

I have been loving wedding photography since 2002. I fell in love with Joe Buissink's images and have always had a special place in my heart hoping that one day I would have him shoot my wedding.
In a short time his name would pop up everywhere and it seemed like I knew people who knew him. How lucky is that?

Joe’s photography is about capturing the moments, and the essence of the person in those moments. His work redefines wedding photography, and has been described as Fine Art by his most notable celebrity clients. Joe has become a world-renowned teacher in the photographic field. His teachings have taken him on an international platform from Japan and Australia to England, Scotland and Ireland, as well as in the United States. Joe has been profiled by Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Lifetime Television’s Wedding of a Lifetime, and E!. His work is published regularly in InStyle Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and People Magazine. (Bio from his website)

I absolutely think that all of my photographic hopes came true when I was able to have a few private moments with him before his presentations began.

I hope to make him proud someday...

Lots of love and inspiration,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fancy Pants Textures


All us photographers have tricks up our sleeves for Photoshop. Some involves editing, switching heads, covering up wrinkles and dark eye circles. I consider myself a Photoshop Plastic Surgeon sometime, and I really love doing it.

And yes, I also consider myself a pretty savvy techy geek too. I love my iPhone, I dig graphic arts magazines, and I love talking about fonts. Nerd alert going off yet?

I was so excited to learn a new trick today on ToFurious. It was so easy and delightful, I had to share a few images that I used "textures" on recently.

Images I posted from the my Elope to the West post, I decided to pick a few favorites and see if I could work my magic. Yay.

I added a texture that looked like old paper from a poetry book. It seemed to fit the emotions in this image perfectly. You can almost here "How do I love thee..." coming out of it.

Aww this one was paper splatter. If you can believe it, it is super grungy. But I thought it was a nice contrast to the ocean and sand behind them....

Oooh this was a paint canvas. You can see paint drippings and the details is incredible. This is probably the closest I will ever come to painting a real portrait, besides in kindergarten.

Can you see Julie Andrews coming over the mountain singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music..." and seeing a newlywed couple making out... yeah. It is awesome huh.

And my personal favorite, and textural beauty. This was a graffiti wall splattered and all funky. I think it makes her look amazing...

Now I have to go back to see if I can find more... And perhaps a t-shirt that says "i heart textures!"

Wedding Guests

My boyfriend Jeff and I were wedding guests at Redondo Beach on Saturday.
I just love him so much, I had to post a photo of us.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Real Wedding: Elope to the Coast

This couple is amazing. Sure I say that about all my weddings, but this one took the cake. Actually they brought the cake from Porto's, my favorite bakery in Glendale, CA.

I am not sure how interesting it is to other HOW I find such awesome couples, but this one was particularly special. A friend from High School and I made a reconnection on Facebook. Joy! Her BFF (the bride) was planning on eloping to Ventura (where he popped the question). It is all very romantic.

Well this BFF is amazing. She is creative, funny, and really just a ball of enegry. So lucky me, when I get the call that she needs someone to shoot her inimate and small ceremony/reception.

The getting ready was at this fabulous hotel, Bella Maggiore Inn, in Ventura. Right on California. We went to the court, got them hitched and then off to the beach for portraits. I would say it was a perfect day. Really beautiful couple in love, gorgeous flowers from Lulu Bug, spectular weather, lovely hair and makeup by Crystal Kouri, and Mango Mousse Porto's cake. Delicious.

Here is preview of the events of the day. Yay!

She was so gorgeous. I couldn't get over how her skin was glowing ...


Her "cheapy" shoes for beach walking.

Soon to be Mrs. Happy!

Window light is a brides' BFF on a wedding day.

The hotel had some interesting decorations we worked... Well she worked it.

This shot reminded me of Jose Villa. That is awesome because he shoots film and gets a velvety soft feeling. I got it *and I didn't use photoshop on it. Yay!

We were waiting for the official license and we played on the escalators. Yippee.

I am into this pose... Forgive me. I am sure it will pass soon.


She didn't need those shoes for walking. She has a husband now :)

Really all the family anyone needs... I think it was wonderful that even the baby is smiling and wearing a tie.

I love it when you can get sun flare, daisys and the beach all in the same shot. Fantastic.


Three cheers!

There will be more images posted on Cakes and Kisses, under featured wedding.