Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Being Blog-amous

Wow! I can't believe how luck has come my way ...

There has been fabulous opportunities that just keep coming. I have been featured on a few different wedding/photography/rocking blogs. I really think that all the ladies involved are so magnificent.

I have blogged about Vanessa Brooke before, I know. But this time, I couldn't help myself. She wanted some fab photos to put on her blog/website of her and her son. I was more than happy to help out. (Check back for more photos... ) She even gave me photo credits on the bottom. I heart her!

We had a fabulous shoot in Fullerton/Walnut. It was harder than it looks to photograph, maintain style, and be fabulous while holding a wiggling year old kid. But as you can tell Vanessa Brooke handled herself flawlessly.

Really I don't know how Los Angeles Style Unveiled did it, but they are amazing. They have the most stylish planning on the web.

Of course The Style Lounge is the insider blog, giving Brides a front row seat to all the hottest fashion and best ideas for their Wedding Day. Go ahead and check it out, and be inspired.

First Rock n Roll Bride based in the UK. Her site is just popping with ideas and bursting with flavor. She loves featuring awesomely original real weddings. So she posted images from Sarah and Max's wedding from Glendale, CA.

There are tons of photos posted on my website and on Pictage (login in as a guest to see all the images). This wedding was such an honor to shoot, and Kat was such a awesome Rockstar for wanting it for her site.

Wedding Coordinators are the glue that holds the details together, and by details I mean every little jewel on that tiara or icing on the wedding cupcakes. Lindsay from LVL Events is my "Go to girl" when it comes to weddings.

I would refer any bride that wants chic, fashion and details in the wedding. The way she manges events, weddings, and the whole shebang is perfection. Here is a wedding we worked together in her gallery on her website. (It is even the front page. Yay!)

The first experience I had with Wedding Blogging was with Wedding Chicks. This is a fabulous site created with the talents of a photographer and a graphic designer. I love the style, art and passion they put into every posting. Every bride that inquires from their site dresses so fabulous, it is like being in front of the Style Network. Here is a wedding they featured for me on Wedding Chicks Real Wedding.

The response from the posting was so postive. Here are some of the comments:

Jenn & Scott make a great couple. Great wedding photography the bridal portraits are superb.

PatB Photography

Ohh the montage? That's a killer venue! *SOOO JEALOUS*... the bride looks absolutely stunning!

Wow! Beautiful captures.
Love your art.
Best wishes,
Rosie :)

Fantastic photography work!

These are really beautiful and striking photographs, sooo much better than that super cheez crap out there, and I'm not even someone who likes weddings! Bravo.

These pictures are gorgeous. I can hardly wait to see all of them. You are a wonderful photographer to work with, and it was so much fun. We really appreciated your patience and many kindnesses.
Carol Dubbs, bride's mother

Wow, Holly. You have a sharp eye, and really captured the amazing moments, angles, details, and the beautiful happy couple, Scott and Jenn. Cheers!

Links to the fabulous sites:

Rock 'n Roll Bride

Wedding Chicks

LA Style Unveiled

Vanessa Brooke Photography

LVL Events

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