Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I cry alot

"i do"

The photo is just sweet and it isn't from the story below.

Last night I went to a Los Angeles Dodgers game with my boyfriend and his parents. It was great. I have a slight obsession with the "kiss cam". This is when the huge jumbo tron goes around the stadium taking shots of couples kissing. I have yet to be caught sneaking a peck with my honey, but I always do enjoy it.

So last night, they had a proposal!! It was so exciting. I saw him get down on his knees and then my tears started welling up. It was sooo sweet. I feel a nudge from my boyfriend and he is laughing.

I just can't help it. It is so great to see people in love. I usually only get to see the wedding day... so to see the start of it all is really fantastic.

I really do love it all.
Here is a website for wedding proposals: Proposal Stories Too!

Here is a video I saw that makes me laugh and cry
If you dig pranks this is a good one

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