Friday, July 24, 2009

Real Wedding- Castle Green

The room was filled with fumes of hairspray, girlish giggling and R&B tunes on the radio. The dress was hung, the curlers were placed, and the show was about to go on the road. All the bridesmaids chattered about this or that, but the bride knew, today she was going to finally marry the man of her dreams.
She is the type of girl that knows what she wants and how to get it. He challenged her in every way, but not in the way of the heart. Long distance relationships, and Law School are all little obstacles they had to over come. This is what made it all the sweeter when they said their vows at the Castle Green in Old Town Pasadena.

The day unwrapped itself like a perfect gift. Guests arrived and mingled about around the garden and Palm trees. The breeze brought in a subtle cooling, and lightly lifted her veil as she walked toward him down the isle.
Smitten. He didn't take his eyes off her the whole walk down the isle. Each step she moved closer to him was a step toward their future together.

One of my favorite places to shoot is Castle Green in Pasadena.
It is a little treasure in Old Town Pasadena, called Castle Green. It is an amazing wedding venue with tall palm trees, lovely greenery, and an exquisite location for a wedding.

I have so many images to share from this wedding...

Did I mention that USC marching band came and made an appearance?

Oh and they did a fabulous Lion Dance?

The flowers were perfectly beautiful. By Commerce Flowers

The DJ was incredible, he played everything from R&B to hip hop, to a special request from the cousin of the grooms Rap Group.

Castle Green has a lovely stair case and old beautiful elevators.

Of course I have to mention the cake. It was perfect and provided by Castle Catering.

We snuck off and went on a side street and did some cutesy stuff. I posted the photo on a previous blog that we took right after this which was them laughing.


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heather said...

thanks holly! ur so sweet w/ your write up! as you know we had the best time.. and I've been looking at all the pictures you sent us all day! i LOVE THEM!!!!!!