Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hottness from the streets of Boston

So usually I am a straight shooter. I have had more response from this one shot and it was from the hip, like literally from waist level.

When I was in Boston, in the North End, there was this beautiful moment when I was so amazingly grateful I had my camera. We were walking in Boston's Little Italy and it happened. There was that moment that happens in movies when things go slow motion, the wind starts blowing, and the air gets taken from your lungs... yup. I got it on camera.

So folks I shot this. He is hot. It was not in Italy. I only used Photoshop the texture in the sky to make the image look more fashion. Nice.

Enjoy and wipe the drool off your chin when your done, we have to go to Mikes' Pastry to cool off in huge helping of geltato.

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