Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh Beantown... How I adore, you let me count the cannolis

Of course I had to go there, being a baseball fan.

Absolutely the coolest buildings, fantastic skyscrapers and amazing accents.

Yay. Everything about my trip to Boston was fun, exciting and definitely picture perfect.
This is just the begining of the awesome photos I wanted to share.

Boston...during the day.

Boston at night was even more alive and thriving.

Plymouth Burial Hill, overlooking Plymouth Harbor.

View from a top a ceremony over looking Plymouth and the Atlantic.

This one was at Plymouth, MA. This was a Puritan Church, so it was old and had character.

This I shot through the car window with the sun screen on. It was cool because it acted like a Polaroid filter for the colors.

Almost arrested for one too many cannolis. (not really)

I was inspired by all the textures and beautiful American history that surrounds Boston. But really we had a great time in Plymouth, and Cape Cod too.

My muse Chandra. She lets me photograph her all the time. Yay!

The girls! We have fun sitting in doorways.

And a shout out to my Photographer friend Santiago Valencia, who posted about Boston after all my crazy tweets about how cool the place was.

More photos to come, this is just a preview.

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meggytron said...

Boston definitely looks like a city I must visit!! Gorgeous pictures, Holly. :)