Sunday, July 26, 2009

Real Wedding- Brookside Pasadena Preview

Wedding preview complete with a hot little dress, gorgeous shoes, and lively flowers.

She is a beautiful bride with awesome legs and Oscar de la Renta shoes. YAY

Moments after they first saw each other across the bridge at Brookside Golf Course.

They wanted to do the "first glance" before the ceremony and I could agree more. It allows for more time after the ceremony to enjoy the cocktail hour and guest!

Plus I get fabulous moments like this!

The glorious flowers were from Eddie at Commerce Flowers.
Again Commerce Flowers.

Centerpieces flowers were from Eddie at Commerce Flowers.

Cute little boxes with delicious treats inside.. yum. Also designed by the talented brother.

If I shot film, it would look delicious and beautiful like this.

Commerce Flowers did a great job on these custom circles with delicate flowers interlaced. And I loved the lens flare I got when I shot them smooching in them.

Her brother did a wonderful job on the invitations. I love them. Here is a link to his amazing art work.
It is perfect.

They were so cute and sat on the putting green for me.

Usually I am not into the goofy cake shots, but they were dancing in front of it and I couldn't help myself. They had smiles from ear to ear!

At the end of the night she changed into a perfectly gorgeous Oscar Dela Renta dress and matching shoes were provided by her fabulous officiant/artist/brother.

We stepped outside for some romance that was in the air.

Gorgeous. And there are still more images to share... Check back.


heather said...

awsome!!! looks great!

fancygreysuit said...

Thank you for these great pictures!!

Martha said...

Soooo Pretty!