Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to a cat?

True true, it is silly to celebrate a pet's birthday but it isn't just any birthday. It is my Cat's 10th birthday. Well I don't know how old 10 is in cat years, probably super old. I wouldn't be figuring that out any time soon, because that would involve math. Ew.

You ask, "Holly, what is the big deal about that, it is still a cat? You crazy girl."

Well, to that I would say to you that have no idea how many times this cat escaped death and used up all his 9 lives, so we thought this birthday would never come.

You say, "This intrigues me, tell me more."

I adopted him as a year old adult cat. True I am a fool, a fool for gray cats.

"Yes, please give me the gray and white cat hiding in the back of the kennel, peeing on himself. He is the one that I want."

It is embarrassing to be a professional photographer and not have ANY photos of my precious cat. I suppose every family has a dirty little secret and that is mine, NOW on my blog for all to see. Well, he has yet to learn the mystic powers of my camera phone. So here are a few photos of him throughout the years. JOY!
The story continues:

Years went by and he grew up to be more and more brave, but not of people in general just me. I don't want this blog to carry on and on, but he had a lot of visits to the vet, a lot of boy pee pee problems. Later to be discussed if he should get surgery to be a "she". And he had lots of bouts with death in general, because he gets so frightened he might have a heart attack.

Luckily he is still a he, and having less problems since he is on a special diet.

He is frightened to get his photo taken, runs under the bed if we sneeze and is constantly in fear of sudden movements. He lives such fragile life.
But, what is there not to love?
Oh right.

And my favorite of him and I taken with my iMac. Sneaky Sneak.

Well HAPPY HAPPY birthday Gray Cat. You are a mystery to all and none.

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