Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top this Cake!

I love it. It is that chance to express yourself through sweeeet Cake. Each couple has a unique style and way that they want their wedding. This topper is from Brian and Sandra's wedding. You can tell that not only does she wear the pants in the relationship, but they have a sense of humor about it ...

There are tons of resources for cake toppers. Here is one from a Bride and Groom that loved FISHING.

Here is a brilliant one : Use Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers... Or go to Etsy

For the more unusual I recommend that world famous Custom Bobblehead. Ben and Tanya are an amazing couple. They love sports, outdoors, and really are overall a riot. They had a custom Bobblehead made and I think it looks just like them. It is amazing how the artist got Ben's hair just right.

For the love of Cake,

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