Monday, March 9, 2009

Phil and Brianne are getting Married!

They meet eyes and instantly they know this is the person I am going to be falling in love with for the rest of my life. It doesn't matter if you believe it is destiny or fate, it is going to happen.

That person is going to walk into a restaurant in Vegas and sweep you off your feet. Well not necessarily in Vegas, but that is how it happened for Phil and Brianne.

A trip out to Vegas puts perspective on a lot of things, but finding your true love there, that is just ridiculous.

Phil and Brianne met up with a group of friends that was orchestrated by a dear friend of both Erin. Well, Erin, that sneaky sneak wanted to set the two up, and thought this was the perfect moment and opportunity. Oh boy, was it! Phil popped the question a year later and they are getting hitched at the end of May.

We wanted to keep the shoot close to home, so we actually shot this at their home together in Valencia. It was so personal and it was exactly what any photographer wants... for a couple to be comfortable and laugh a lot. We shot these on the steps of their front door.

I love both of them SO much. Not only do they embrace what a real relationship is all about, but they work through every aspect of their relationship and put each other first in life. And I admire them deeply.

Phil and Brianne are supreme people and continuously live with a passion for life. Every aspect of their lives they are surrounded by friends, family and an open heart for laughter.

So embarrassing but I had to catch the light as it came to me. This is in the middle of their street with a neighbor rooting and cheering for Phil. Really, the reason this is black and white is because Phil's cheeks were turning red.

I have always wanted to shoot in a tunnel.. I got my wish. And they didn't mind the extra make out time I am sure :)

This was the very end of the shoot and we went back into the house. I asked them to stand by the sink and have some cozy time. Then I captured this reflection in the microwave. HOT!

This is what Brianne said about her engagement shoot:

"Holly made our engagement photo session so much more than just a few hours taking pictures. It was honestly like reliving our first date!

She made it so fun and relaxed that we couldn't help being ourselves, which is the key to great pictures...right? Her talent and creativity combined make her the ONLY photographer we will ever use!We love Holly and our fantastic photos! We will cherish them forever! Thank you!"

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