Thursday, April 23, 2009

Click Happy


It would be great if you vote for me. If you are a fan of photography, I know you will love the website. There are tons of great entries and as always I think about the talented circle that the contest brings me too. I am going to step it up next year definitely.

The bride is getting ready at the Montage in Laguna Beach, CA. It is absolutely the most beautiful location ever. I love it. So her mom is on her knees behind her tying up the back of the corset gown, and her maid of honor is to the left just out the shot. Since the bride was standing in front of the window I thought I would take the opportunity to blow out the light and make it all about how beautiful her eyes were and how the veil fell across her eyes.
I think it is a personal favorite of mine because I got a tingle up my back when I heard the camera click. I couldn't believe it. The bride asked "Was it that good?" And then I showed it to her, and she said "Holly you are so amazing, I can't believe that is me."
Those are the moments I live for, as an artist, wedding photographer, and a fan of love.

Thanks for reading!


Filipe M. Vasconcelos said...

Yes.. Beautiful photography... I liked!!!

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