Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nicco and Sona part II

I heart Sona and Nicco.
Sona is the soul and Nicco is the mate. They are meant to be.

Sona is a fabulous poet. Her poetry book is ForGone.
Nicco is a soccer athlete and fantastic story teller. I don't think they possibly could be more in love. Usually I have to coach and direct a little bit, but not them... in fact they were most uncomfortable when we did the "Hi Mom" looking into the camera shots, because it just wasn't them.

We shot at Union Station in Downtown LA and Hotel Figueroa

I was only going to post a few, and then I got carried away. When you see the photos, you can see how that can happen.

this was one of Sona's favorite shots of the day



Scott Nelson said...

These picture are all amazing, I would buy them for my wall.

Robynrachelphotographyblog said...

Holly! These photos are unbelievable! You are SO amazingly talented!