Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wedding Stories

I know it, you know it... I love weddings.

I was looking through some of my wedding images from the years and I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites. It seems that I might even have some advice to share for those soon-to-be brides too.

So here are a few of my favorites:

They got married on Catalina Island. We didn't do a lot of photos after the ceremony, we did them the day after. It was perfect. Family and friends were absolutely delighted to have the extra time with the bride and groom on thier special day. I was grateful to have the extra time with them and they gave me great shots.

The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach is a fantastic location. I love this shot of her coming up the stairs to get to the main entrance. She looks amazing.

He surprised her with two weddings bands... she surprised him by making a witty comment that made everyone laugh.

Same bride... She is amazing. I think she is so funny and smiley. It is funny to me when we were taking this shot that her mom and sisters were laughing. She looks so dramatic and peaceful, and her mom said "Make sure you get a photo of her quiet because it won't last long." I am glad to make everyone happy. This is a personal favorite from her day.

Detail shots are so important. Capturing every little essence of that day and making sure it is ingrained in the memory forever. This is a shot through the lace layer of the wedding dress to the shoes perched on the foot board of her mom's bed. The window light made this an incredible shot and I think it came out better than I expected.

People request this photo all the time. It is one of my favorites too, simply because "It doesn't get better than this..."

Bouquets are so beautiful...

This is from one of my first weddings EVER!! I love it. The couple had an officiant, myself and that was it... I signed the marriage license as a witness.

Fancy cake design. Delicious.

All of this photo is a big no no... But I think it is a yes yes. Shooting into the sun, with a fisheye lens, from a lower angle. But really it is so beautiful to me and the colors are just wow.

Atlanta Falcons player and Groom... He was fantastic, and I found myself standing on a lot of chairs trying to shoot him, he was 6'5 after all.

Being a wedding photographer you go to beautiful places and see beautiful things. As a second photographer for Scott Nelson, we got this shot at the mission in Orange County. The whole wedding was pink and I LOVE the pink feathers in her bouquet.

One of my favorite friends/couples. I love getting Christmas cards, emails and all the little notes of how a couple is doing after their day. This couple is fantastic and has a blog they have constant updates and going ons.

So jealous. They got married in COSTA RICA... I know. Then they had their reception for the family and let me take some great shots of them. Adorable and tons of fun.

Window light is my soul mate. I love it and I think that it loves me. This is a shot from the Parent's of the Groom's house. It was in the childhood room of the Groom. Really! So to be able to take some photos of his wife in his old room, is such a trip, but I loved it.

Waters Restaurant in Orange County has a great location for receptions and weddings... This is one of the fabulous spot over looking the water and ducks. However the bride and groom are just over looking one another. So cute!

It is fun to think that the time between the Ceremony and the Reception is the only time the couple has to be really be alone. That is kinda true. After all the craziness of the portraits, it is important for the couple to have time to talk and be together away from it all. This ceremony / reception was at a residence so we had some time to take photos on a little street nearby. Pretty huh?

Sometimes the best story telling shots is all about how he held her and what you think he whispered in her ear.

I love shooting the bouquet. Not only because you get to see the details in the dress (Fantastic design in this shot) But you can really remember all the little details, like the spotted feathers in this shot.

In this photo the Bride is getting ready. I love this shot because not only does it tell a story, but it shows how fabulous she looked even before her makeup was on.

Aww. Here is an example on why you SHOULD meet before the ceremony. This couple wanted a beautiful candlelight ceremony, which was amazing. The only problem was getting portraits of the family after wards in the dark, wouldn't allow for much time for couple picture over looking the ocean. I like to suggest about an hour of romantic photos of the couple, if the day allows.

Amazing. She is really running...IN HEELS. I know. We were getting ready to take photos by the ridge so you can see the view and sunset. I told her that we don't have a lot of light left and we should hurry. And she did! Her Groom and I had to run and catch up to her, but not before I got this shot.

Some brides are stunningly beautiful, some are super rocking rad... but this bride was so amazingly graceful and lovely. It takes me second while shooting to see what a couple is going to give me, in terms of intimacy in front of the camera. They gave me a gift with this shot.

Adorable shot! I shot this as a second with Scott A. Nelson Photography. The bride had provided all her guests at the Vineyard with umbrellas. I love the idea that they are trying to be sneaky kissing but we all see.

I am going to post more later.. check back for more Weddings!

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