Thursday, January 29, 2009

Circle of Life and Weddings

As a wedding photographer nothing makes me happier than to see or hear from brides. Any news... be it that they are moving to a different state, they got accepted into Law School (Yay Paul), or that they had a baby!

I shot in 2006 Tanya and Ben's wedding in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods. It was so beautiful and lovely. In 2008 they had a little baby named Zach. He has his moms' nose and his dads' sense of outdoors. They invited me back to Colorado to be a part of his first birthday party and take some photos. I couldn't be more honored.

Here is Tanya and I at her Wedding.... (pardon my hair, luckily it was just a moment of coolness)

And here we are at her NEW HOUSE with a NEW BABY

He really is a handsome little kid.

Love the puppy themed birthday party!!

Me and the birthday boy
He likes me :)

Because it is chilly in Colorado, and no one should make fun of your hat.

Infamous Cake eating !

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