Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Wedding YAY!!

Finding the perfect wedding dress. It was like Christmas shopping in every way. Sorting through tons of beautiful items to find the one that fits the one you love... This dress had no exceptions.

It was lavish and elegantly smitten with an not so white, but pure light within the hem. The flowers, beads, subtle little details that made it the perfect dress for Jenn, for her day. This was going to be the perfect day for Jenn and Scott, not just because of the dress.

Jenn was God's present to Scott, wrapped up in a beautiful gown as she floated down the isle of the South Shores Church He was holding back all his excitement, until he got to meet her at the isle and be given a wife by his future father-in-law. He beamed. She glowed. It was all very bright and beautiful, like the perfect dress.

With the happiness and glow all around the couple, they beamed their vows, laughed during the portraits, and kissed like a couple sharing their first kiss of a lifetime. It was wonderful and the only way I can describe it is, perfect.

Even with the late evening taking away the light, the couple glowed and magic filled the air. The flowers and details on her dress shined like a stars, and the lighting she detailed the reception was elegant.

It was a beautiful wedding experience. The warmth, love and simple moments were perfect...

Thank you Jenn and Scott, for your warmth and making me feel like extended family.


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