Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vendor LOVE!

I love love love to refer brides and grooms to my friends and people. You know these are the kinda of people you just "click" with, creatively and on the dance floor!

So I had a bride planning a wedding in Santa Clarita, CA ask me to help her out. You know I am a Hollaback Girl so I am happy to help out. (Oh wait, I ain't no Hollaback Girl, but I am still happy to help.)

J&M Entertainment are the best in the valley. Here is the story. I had a bride that hired them for her wedding. It was a fabulous party and she booked the biggest package they had. It was incredible, well really it was a production. But she had such an awesome experience, she now works for them.

They are that cool. Sandra Pascal will help you out with anything you need over there. I don't think she is in charge of booking, but she is definitely my biggest fan (even more of a fan than my mom) They aren't inexpensive however, and they need a new website. But they are who I would recommend.


Florist in the Santa Clarita Valley? Well I don't have a favorite. It doesn't mean that I am not open to making friends. I just haven't worked with one in SCV that has knocked off my socks.

There is a wonderful florist that I work with in Orange County that is absolutely the cheapest and does awesome work. Even after they add on "out of the area" charges they are cheaper than anyone. I have attached photos from there work. Here is the website. Not much to look at, but the prices are fantastic.


Makeup is a few different gals. I will start with the top and work down. is amazing... She is Care Nelle in Orange County. She does amazing beautiful work. I think that she is possibly the most gifted make up artist I have worked with. (She is fancy pants) AND she did the make up for the same wedding that the flowers were from Growers Direct. The Jenn Dubbs wedding on my site.

Sherry. She is great here is her website.

Noelle is a great girl. She is fashion forward and in SCV. She will do a great job for you and she is super reasonable.
Noelle Castro,


For a location, I love the Hyatt. It is great it is all in one location and you can save time not having to get in the car to go somewhere else. They have a fabulous fire place and wonderful staircase that is great for photos. That would be my first pick.
Le Chen is nice, but the food is quite expensive. Although you are only going to have 75 people, it is still pretty penny. I know budget is an issue too..

In addition here are some tips for you brides!


I will help with your time line too when it comes to that point. On the most part I recommend giving about an hour for formal portraits after the ceremony. It also gives the couple time to do some romantic shots together (those are my favorites) Having a eight hours is perfect for getting all the getting ready, and preparations before. Getting six hours, cuts the chase a little bit, but you save some money too.

I have the best job ever!
As a photographer I am happy to help. It puts my wedding knowledge to good use and I am able to help out my fellow rockstar vendors out there.

There are great resources online out there like,,, and

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