Monday, January 5, 2009

Yay! Anne Marie and Alex's Wedding

I liked her immediately. She is the kinda girl that holds herself with grace but also with a witty humor. Anne Marie and her Dad came into the showroom absolutely beaming. They chattered about the wedding and looked at my images.

It was a few laughs later that a photo came up with ladies in extremely short bridesmaids dresses from BCBG, and her Dad whistled and said, "Whoo Hoo! Now that is what I call a Bridesmaid Dress."

It was then I knew that this father daughter was not just friends but they were Team Awesome.

Living on the opposite coastlines, we managed to fit in an engagement shoot at the Orange County Performing Arts Center.

It was wonderful. The couple laughed, and kissed a lot.
Actually, a whole lot of kissing....

The getting ready for the wedding ceremony...

Alex and his mom

Lutheran Church Resurrection in Huntington Beach. The ceremony, complete with a reading from poetic literature, and Shakespeare. Perfect words spoken from the heart in an eloquent manner. It was a first for me to be so moved just from the reading. But I was taken back by the sophistication and originality of the couples' choice of words.

Off to reception at Navy Golf Course in Cypress. It was pretty dark when we arrived so we did our best with the light provided, and got right to the cocktails and party.

During the maid of honor's toasts, she beamed, and spoke about how refined she held her self and how much fun she seems to have in a room of strangers. Well while strangers weren't the case for this full house, she definitely had a way of moving through the room making everyone feel at home. Then she spoke of her new husband who was indeed charming and a perfect fit.

Not just a perfect fit, but perhaps a perfect challenge for her wit.

Now here comes the part that gets me every time. The dancing. The couple had taken dance lessons, practiced, gotten blisters and now was the time to put on the Ritz.

They did! It was fabulous and I was absolutely delighted with how much they nailed very move and tap.

It was quite impressive.

Next up, the father daughter Team Awesome. It did not disappoint. It was fun, loving, emotional, and an absolute tear jerker. I couldn't wait to call my own Dad on the phone and tell him how great he was... It was that kind of moment.

And then Anne Maries' Dad and Mom showed off their moves!!

The party went on into the night, and I know that Alex and Anne Marie got their money worth out of those dance lessons.

The perfect match. Just like Cakes and Kisses.

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karen said...

The photos are absolutely beautiful! They will always be treasured memories of the two people I most love and adore!
Karen Tenorio