Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Can I Expect to Pay for a Photographer? (watch your wallets)


Listen up here. Two of my cutest girlfriends are getting married this year. One in May and the other in August! I am SOOO happy happy for them.

So August bride writes me an email to ask... "How much should I expect to pay for a photographer? They don't have it in the bridal books, or online anywhere. I think I was born without the bride gene!" (Well honey, just worry about those Joe's Jeans, cause they are fabulous and I want to borrow them.)

Here I am to put it online. It isn't a rule book, but it is at least a guide to help you out and for you to understand what you are paying for a wedding.

As a photographer, I am happy to help. In fact if there is anything I do to help I am delighted. Except help make homemade bouquets. (I suck at that) AND It is good to put my knowledge to use. It isn't like I am going to get married anytime soon :) oh wait :(

May bride had the same exact question. I think it is omitted from the Bridal books/magazines because they don't want to make you feel like you have to pay a certain amount to get good photography.

I feel like that Photography should be about 30% of your total budget.

Tip #1

Make sure you look at all the images on the site. When you find a photographer you like, ask to see a complete wedding (not just the album or highlights). Make sure it is the same type of wedding you are having, such as a church ceremony and outside reception, you want to make sure the photographer can shoot in those locations. Ask the photographer if they have shot in YOUR locations before, and look at those photos.

Tip #2

To get a beautiful fancy leather album (Leather Craftsman) is about $3000 photographer cost. So you can expect as a bride to pay $3800 for the design, album and retouched images. I can help you out with this, but not as much as I would really like. We use leather craftman so the quality is great, but I couldn't offer it less than cost. But if you wanted me to design and order the album for you I would be happy to do that, like Asuka Book.

Tip #3

If you are having a photographer shoot your wedding and not getting an album, it should be about $6000 for eight hours and all the images provided with copyrights included. (Up to you about the add ons, like parent albums, proof books and all that.)

Tip #4

Another idea is to have the cost of the photographer part of your registry. It is a new idea, but instead of someone buying you gifts, they can donate money for your albums, prints, or photography for your day. I would check with your photographer to make sure it is okay first.

I hope this helps out. On the most part I know it is hard to budget. I am cheap. I admit it. Not as cheap as my boyfriend, but I am.
When I get married I expect to pay cost for all my wedding. But I don't think Elvis costs as much as he used to..

Lots of cakes and kisses,

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