Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fashion Fashion Fashion BAG!

Just like any other girl, I love to window shop. I go through each window like it is discovering a new page in a Vogue just without all the perfume ads and mailing clippings that fall out. I go through to see what is new, what colors, or textures I should be expressing myself with this season. This of course is so much easier online. Instead of having my heels fight back after walking down the street in Old Town Pasadena, I can sit comfortably in front of my own computer screen, and window shop. It is endless. Tons of beautiful colors and couture styles and haute choices. Oh boy, it makes a whole new window of opportunities.

Oh then it hits me... I remember a fashion guru telling me about this fabulous site. Bag Borrow or Steal I mean you don't have to get all fussed up for nothing. And it isn't like you are going to wear something AGAIN (someone might notice). What a perfect solution to my window shopping.

It is PERFECT for weddings.

They have a WEDDING section. Hip hip Hurray!!
Whoa that is beautiful and you can rent it for $81 a week!

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