Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photographer Friends Click

I am so proud to call these girls my friends... Just amazing... Four of us joined together for a true passion for photography and we truly realized that we will be more than that... we will be an undeniable support system for one another. And of course being photographers, we took photos of each other in the hotel room at the Flamingo in Vegas.

We did a little awesome photo session, and yay! So cute!

This is Vanessa Brooke. I love her... I blog her... and I shoot her. She is an amazing artist and one of my favorite people. OOO and she does amazing children photography... Check out her site.

Here is a photographer, shooting a photographer for a photographer...

The amazing Naomi Epstein Photography, StoryBoards, and Graphics. Not to mention she has a mean passion for eating vegetables.

She is a little hottie too, huh?

These girls rock my socks... And they let me shoot them! Yay!

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