Thursday, February 5, 2009

Steve Sieren- Best Landscape Photographer

Really, I heart Steve. He is a fantastic photographer. I am so lucky to call him a friend and more importantly I can call him when I have a question. :)

Steve has a workshop in Eastern Sierra, Death Valley & California Coast. Wow! I mean that is like the dreamscapes that you could always ask for having in your camera.

This sounds amazing : Photograph the Beaches of the Santa Monica Mountains

Febuary 28 & March 1st 2009

$495.00 Space Available

The Santa Monica Mountain Beaches Workshops are geared toward weekend photographers and are conveniently close to the Los Angeles International(LAX) airport. If you don't have many ocean photographs in your portfolio and don't have a lot of time this is the workshop for you.

Yay! See you there!

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