Sunday, February 22, 2009

maternity by holly

I am not really into babies, motherhood, pickles and ice cream (well maybe just ice cream) or any other idea of having a family. I do dig the clothes being all cute around the waist though...

It took me by surprise when I said yes to doing a maternity shoot for my friend Lisa. We have been friends since Jr. High, and she has always dreamed and hoped to be a mom. Really, she and my other friends even had baby names picked back then. (I didn't of course, but I had pet names picked out)

But it just goes to show that they were always thinking about being more than just themselves and what was happening in High School etc. They thought about the future and to having a family and children to love, while I was thinking of puppies and kittens...

We did the shoot in her home, Castaic. It was a cloudy day, and I think that was perfect for the overall light of the day.

It was soft and lovely for Lisa to get into full maternity photos mode. Granted Tori Spelling took maternity to a whole level of fashion, but I think that Lisa handled herself with a lot of grace and beauty.

Here are some images from the shoot.... I must say I am pretty proud of how I really captured how beautiful Lisa is as a prego.

Lots of Kisses,