Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blushing Brides Love Cakes and Kisses!

My most recent bride writes me :

"Now the gushing bride in me (I never thought I was)

You made my husband so comfortable that you were able to shoot him for who he is. He looks soooo handsome in the pictures.
I have never seen Ryan that comfortable around a camera. I have something to show off to our children/grandchilden/neighbors kids we scare away. "See how handsome dad/grandpa/my husband was/is"
You captured us. The two kids who "had a little captain in them" to elope and tell their family 6 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours after the "deal was done."
Thank you for the attention that you paid to the details. I never thought that my shoes could look so romantic. Or that my lashes could be so, well, perfect. And that when we were doubling over in laughter, you as a photographer, did not tell us to stop, but captured the spirit. I never thought that a wedding at a courthouse could look so fun. Or that kissing under the pier could be so romantic.
Thank you for giving me an excuse for making out with Ryan for 2 hours on my wedding day.
You, in a gentle way, directed the photo session, without taking away from our collective personalities.
We wanted something non-traditional, non-conformist, not fussy, fun and of the moment. You captured it. You directed us a wee bit. That was OK and appreciated and were truly, truly inspirng.

Kisses (but no cake),
April Lainez de Brimer and Ryan too"

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