Monday, June 8, 2009

Marriage Sunday at Wayfarers Chapel

Nestled within the trees of Palos Verdes, CA is the beautiful Wafarer Chapel.

Married couples are invited to attend our annual Marriage Renewal service 1pm, June 7. The service affords you an opportunity to remember and reflect upon the love that binds you together and to renew your commitment to each other. Following the service we will serve refreshments and a wedding cake. (from Wafarer's Website)

On June 7th 2009, my parents renewed their vows, on Wafarer's Wedding Vow Renewal Day.

My parents still hold hands and sit close to each other.

It truly was a lovely blue day, and so clear you could see Catalina.

My older sister, my Dad, and me.
(my mom is taking the photo)

Seeing my parents renew their marriage vows after 39 years of marriage was an amazing experience. It gives a new understanding to the marriage commitment that I see almost every weekend with newly weds. I believe in romance, love and most importantly, that true friendship can make a marriage last throughout the years of time, that and a lot of laughter.

Thanks for reading my very personal post, and sharing a moment with me and my family.
Love and Kisses,

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