Friday, June 26, 2009

Homemade Talents

(This is one of the bride, is my favorite from a wedding at the Queen Mary, in Long Beach.)

When it comes down to it, wedding photography is about connection. It is the union of two families, the merge of two hearts and the emotional connection between the Photographer (me) and the couple.

I have been a part of many a wedding. But truthfully, I love, embrace and happily remember, everyone of them. I could tell you intimate details, cake flavors, invitation fonts, or whatever the groomsmen were drinking. I remember each wedding like a best friend in High School Musical. Fondly and always with happy memories.

My family, friends and brides have heard a million wedding stories. And I will tell you more if you want to hear them. Brides planning their wedding love to hear what works and what to avoid.

The Queen Mary wedding was a beautiful memory for me. The bride was existentially elegant. The groom was divine in a tux with tails. Special moments like, the father daughter dance when he held her so tender with her hand on his cheek. And the perfect first dance done to the song from Juno by Moldy Peaches, Anyone Else but You. She laughed with her whole heart, they danced all night, and he married the woman of his dreams. It was a win win.

(Ingrid and Dom's wedding I shot with my fabulous photography friend, Robyn Rachel.)

Well crafty Ingrid, the bride, made a era transformation on this little boat. She had beautiful boas for the lady guests, fedora hats for the men to wear, fun invitations that looked like boat tickets, and a fabulous guest book, suitcase, for guests to write messages to drop in. It was very creative, and perfect.

To my delight, and a year after the wedding, Ingrid is still just as crafty. She has an Esty store. It is a place where talented artist can make handmade goods and sell them online. I would ugre you to go and check it out. Especially if you are in need of a fabulous Buddah tote, or a sweet Natural and Rose Knit Scarf.

Visit her Esty store, and find little handmade delights.
Here is a little story she wrote about how she got started:

"Like 4 years ago I taught myself how to knit to kill down time during winter break in college. This year I got bored with making beanies and scarves and decided to tackle sewing. In December I taught myself to make quits...then skirts...then bags...then hand stitching...etc.

Being a teacher, you have a lot of down time in the summer, so I decided this year that I would take advantage of that time and craft. Last weekend, when visiting my best friend, I was showing her some of my projects and she mentioned that I should sell them on etsy. I told her that I was a beginning seamstress and that there was no way I would do that.

Monday, she took a bag that I helped her to make to work and all of her friends there loved the bag and said that they wanted to buy one. After hearing that, by Tuesday night I was on the computer making an etsy shop.

I collaborate a lot with my school psychologist on different creative ideas (she started to sew quilts in January) and we tackle different projects together...if one of us finds a great ideas, we collaborate a way to make it work.

We decided today that we are going to start a crafty blog and link it to our etsy accounts. We are in the process of thinking of a blog name."

If you have any suggestions, or would like to reach MzPazzo please feel free to check out her Esty.

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