Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Cake to my Kiss

Last night I fell in love... with an inanimate object, again.

But first some back story:

Bridal Bar is a fabulous is a boutique that allows brides to get a hands on and complimentary peek at the best of the best in the wedding industry. If you are wedding planning it has to be one of the spots you go to get ideas, some champagne, then chill out and talk about weddings. Think of it the people you go to when you want to talk weddings, when your Maid of Honor and Mom is tired of hearing about the details. Not these girls at the Bridal Bar. They love the whole planning, and coordinating process. And it is complimentary! Whoa. Believe it Sister!

I went to talk to Harmony about joining this fab group of photographers. We were chatting about wedding stuff, and she told me all about a television taping they had at the studio. The Bridal Bar was on the premier episode of Kendra tonight on E! AWESOMENESS. Well they had left over CAKE!!! Made especially for the shoot, by Fantasy Frostings!

So the wonderful host that Harmony is let me take home a fabulous mini wedding cake. It was Banana Walnut.... Yum, with a rich cake batter laden with fresh bananas and walnuts, lightly spiced and filled with fresh bananas and whipped cream. It was my lucky day.

Perhaps an extra ordinary circumstance is what happened, and I call it fate. Fantasy Frostings, in Pasadena had created some beautiful designs and perfectly crafted wedding cake for a television episode airing on the E! network. And I happened to be there hungry for the perfect dessert for all occasions. Match made in heaven, or AKA Bridal Bar.

As for true love, it happens, you see each other from across the room. Contact is made, frosting is smelled and the cupid strikes you down with what some call "True Love." Of course I am talking about CAKE! It is my sole reason for shooting weddings. Forget all the love, romance, and commitment for a lifetime stuff. This is the day when a beautiful cake gets it own table, a ceremony to cut it, and honored guests get to enjoy the sweet delight before anyone else. I kid. I kid.

I asked myself, "Am that girl who takes photos of food and then blogs about it?"

YES! Yes I am.

Well the main posting of this blog is to express how crazy in love I am with Fantasy Frostings, Bridal Bar and my iPhone.

I love my iPhone. In earlier blog postings I refer to it as my iHusband. It is my second love to this wedding cake though. It was so fantastic. I wish I could carry my iPhone and Mini Wedding cakes around with me all the time. Sigh.

So I was absolutely amazing when I saw that my Mini Wedding cake from Fantasy Frostings, and my iPhone were the EXACT same size!!

I have a sticker on the back of my iPhone which is from, which I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. But that is perhaps for another blog.
On my, I have a photo of me and my honey from a wedding that he was the groomsman in back in September. Joy!
Happy happy! Joy joy!

For the love of Cake, Kisses and iPhones!

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earlandson said...

Thank you so much for the blog! We are very happy that you enjoyed our cake. The mini cakes are fun to do, and it gives the Brides a chance to be creative and personalize them for the guests.
Make sure to give us a call when your near So. Pasadena and stop by for some more samples!

Earl Anderson
Fantasy Frostings

PS: We love our IPhones too!!