Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I heart Faces (is a little addicting)

I posted a link yesterday for the fabulous "Wedding Bells" contest listed.

The response was overwhelming and I had to dive back in and post one of my favorite family photos.
It was incredible because the photographers that submitted to the contest weren't in competition with each other, but a fantastic support system. Each one of them with encouraging words, and friendly comments to the other. Some photographers were pros and some were just enthusiast. It was a wonderful mix and I think that it made it all the more special.

It was so sweet and I really love the community spirit that it brought forth. Yay. With that said, I thought how I would happily posted on other blog sites words of "Wow, Super and Awesome." But to my surprise each photographer had expressed a fabulous sense of love for light, composition and divine colors.

So kudos to I heart faces.

here is my little submission:

Vanessa Brooke is a fabulous Children's Photographer based in Orange County. She has an eye for fashion, color and textures, beyond my understanding. Even better she is an amazing Mom.
For Holiday photos we were to Griffith Park, CA to capture some golden moments for her Christmas card. Her son, and husband rocked the shoot and gave me this fabulous shot. She blogged about the shoot too, because she is awesome!

Shout out from V Brooke: "We had so much fun taking photos with my good friend and photographer Holly. As a photographer myself, I sometimes forget to have photos taken of my own family. It creates memories that you don't want to miss out on. So, I knew it was time for me to have photos of the three of us before Jayden turns one year old next month. Time really does fly by! Thanks again Holly for photographing my family, we love ya!"


Foursons said...

You are so right about IheartFaces! The commenters are fabulous! I am not a professional and am working with a pretty lousy point and shoot yet I love getting feeback all the same because no one says, "You stink!" I know my photos won't win, but it's so fun to enter!

Photographer : Holly Steen said...

Haha, I would laugh at someone who would say "You stink!" only because stink is a funny word.

Maybe someone should buy you a fancier camera for Christmas this year? You should take up a collection on your blog.

Life with Kaishon said...

This picture is adorable too! I am so glad you loved I heart Faces so much. I hope you will keep participating : ). Your pictures are awesome.