Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Winner of WPD Wedding Photography Contest!!

"Wedding Photo Contest Winners Announced
The WPD 2009 Wedding Photo Contest is officially complete. The contest was open to WPD members and outside professional wedding photographers alike. Photo contest entries were open for public view, and critiqued by voters like you. After receiving over 3,000 contest entries, the top three winners and runner-ups are now revealed." -WPD website

So exciting. This contest has Wedding Photographers from all over the USA submit images. When mine was chosen out of the 3,000, I knew I was lucky. But when it was narrowed down the final 10, I thought WOW that is amazing. And now, third place. That is incredible. I received 3,227 votes!

Here is the little blurb I wrote:

"White Wedding"

Photo Equipment: Canon EOS 30D, 24mm 1.4L Series, f/2.8, 1/50sec, ISO-250, 24mm

Notes: "I wanted to capture the emotion and transformation that occurs to a bride when she first gets into her dress. Her mother and sister are crouched behind her lacing up the delicate backing of her dress. The bride was looking forward at her bridesmaids and fathers in the room. I was able to freeze the moment when she looked at me and my camera.

The transformation for a woman to be a bride is really quite an emotional moment. She puts on the lipstick, shoes, necklace, and dress etc, that she has been consumed with and thinking about since she was a little girl. This is her day and her moment to shine.

My creative vision of this was her standing alone, her beauty, and simplistic expression and everything else does not matter, because today she is a bride."

I am beaming like a bride right now. YAY!

Thank you anyone and everyone that voted. I truly appreciate the efforts and the thoughts. It is incredible the things that happen when you keep trying at it.

A little quote from my Uncle Tommy: “The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination.”

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Val Mildren said...

woohoo!!! congratulations!!! look at you go!