Monday, June 15, 2009

Philip and Brianne- Slideshow


It is all about team work:

On a personal note, I love working with other photographers. It is important to always work together and never let ego, or pride get in the way of a good service that we provide to clients. I have been friends with Blue Silver Photo for years, thanks to Scott A Nelson Photography. Both Alex and Scott have been major inspirations of mine in wedding photography and in friendship. Although both have certain quirky behaviors, nothing makes me happier than to say they are close friends.

On to Phil and Brianne, but first some back story:

Phil and my boyfriend Jeff, have been friends since the years of Saugus High Football days. When I met Phil and Brianne, and they were planning their wedding I was right there to help along with all the gory details.

In March, I shot Brianne and Phil's engagement photos. We did some shots in their home in Valencia, and then walked to a nearby paseo and park. I posted them on my blog, and we made a HUGE print for people to sign at the reception.

Brianne and I, printed invitations, stuffed envelopes, discussed time lines, and went over program details. When it came to them needing a wedding photographer. I asked if my friend Alex, at Blue Silver Photography.

I know how I am ... I love Brianne and Phil. I get emotional, and just wanted to enjoy the day for my friends and my Jeff. I couldn't have wanted a more perfect photographer for their day. I offered to want to shoot the "getting ready" and the "after party". Check out those shots here.

Alex, the main photographer at Blue Silver Photography, would shoot the ceremony, portraits and reception. It was a great deal, for me and the couple because while Alex was shooting the couple's portraits, I was able to assist on putting together a slide show of the wedding day at the Marina Del Rey Marriot, reception. YAY!

I suppose when it comes down to it, life is about relationships and team work. Alex did an amazing photography job, and I know that the bride and groom have memories and images to last a lifetime.

This is a great shot that Alex got after the ceremony at the St. Augustine Catholic Church, in Culver City.

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